Mind control technology is a reality and endangers everyone on this planet!

Psychotronics - Synthetic Telepathy - Electronic Telekinesis - Remote Mind Control



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Scott Hensler Network, LLC -  Tin Foil Hat Club

New office location available 01/04/2017 - Atrium Business Center

13403 N. Government Way - Suite #207 - Hayden, ID 83835

General location is north Idaho in the Coeur d’Alene, Hayden area

Office Studio both radio and live Internet TV / Youtube

0106171858.jpg 0106171856.jpg 0106171858a.jpg 0106171859.jpg

Conference Center on site

0106171901.jpg 0106171901a.jpg 0106171901b.jpg

Environmental friendly temperature controlled common area to relax and enjoy...

0106171154.jpg 0106171156.jpg 0106171156a.jpg 0106171157.jpg 0106171157a.jpg 0106171157b.jpg 0106171900a.jpg

Top level break area above conference room that overlooks the common area pictured below…

0106171907b.jpg 0106171859c.jpg 0106171859b.jpg

What better place to receive healing and deliverance!

Note the emergency radio communication equipment (HAM radio) at left and right for a time of need!  - KF7ZDT


See demonstration video of Man-Pack