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Can you find the occult symbolism in these photos of the Las Vagas shooting Oct 1, 2017

Left is Bryan Hopkins and the right half Brian Claypool. Both are wearing similar shirts during interviews with the phoenix symbol and the same lettering.

IMG_7608.JPG IMG_7606.JPG

(114B40) 1+1+4+4= 10    

(2:35) 2+3+5= 10            

(73 degrees) 7+3= 10


Hopkins clearly showing who he serves.

IMG_7598.PNG IMG_7562.JPG IMG_7560.JPG

The witness with the all seeing eye necklace.  And what I can see of her Jason Aldean shirt, it looks suspicious too.  Maybe the ouroboros symbol?  She really makes sure to put in a good word for all the police men and Jason Aldean.  After going through something like that I sure as hell wouldn't be talking about how wonderful Jason Aldean is...

The 2 balls/dice (whatever they are) on the table could maybe represent the two windows

He sure likes to show off his cards

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Another news report with numbers and the illuminati all seeing eye symbol.



Jason Aldean during the Las Vegas concert and noticed his numeric tattoo. But I have also noticed in the past that a lot of celebrities get tattoos with numbers and I've read somewhere its to show their level in the illuminati. The illuminati cards tattoo on his left arm.

IMG_7404.JPG IMG_7403.JPG

Masonic/satanic hang sign on the buidling.   Also, Route 91 Harvest ( 9+1=10)

Symbolism in the background (phallic and pyramid building) and his watch looks like it says 5:05 - There's also a suspicious symbol on the white hat of that guy in the top pic but can't make it out.


33 is always showing up in false flag’s.

9 + 1 = 10


Devil horns have a way of showing up at false flag’s as well. The female womb as part of the upside-down pyramid.


Roman numeral tattoo’s are a sure sine of Illuminati indoctrination

Phoenix bird