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Julia Thompson’s Blood Analysis October 9, 2016

Plus: Download video of fiber in coffee grounds that moves! - Note ceiling fan is turned off  - Video  You may need to download player for file type MVI if it does not play


IMG_7358.JPG IMG_7359 2.JPG IMG_7360 2.JPG IMG_7360.JPG IMG_7380.JPG

From past show with Julia 01/17/2017


Current microscope view of Morgellons outbreaks

Julia’s email address: truth2overcome@protonmail.com

Image 1-23-17 at 8.08 PM (1).jpeg Image 1-23-17 at 8.08 PM (2).jpg Image 1-23-17 at 8.08 PM (3).jpg Image 1-23-17 at 8.08 PM.jpg

These are photos from wounds on my arm. They seem to come out of nowhere. Sometimes a couple appear at a time and then they spread.

Sometimes it starts out as an itchy rash. In my case this is painful, like shards of glass stuck in my skin (especially in the shower) as well as itching severely at times. They do not heal quickly as a bite or cut would. I dusted diatomaceous earth on them and it seemed to draw fibers to the surface. These are photos from a few wounds on my upper and lower left arm.   

1. Notice how the fibers are drawn to the DE due to it’s negative charge, whereas bacteria have a positive charge. This tends to neutralize parasites and free radicals.

2. Here the fibers are at the lower left quarter of this wound covered in DE.

3. Black fiber surfaces around wound.

4. This is a raw bleeding wound. Notice fiber running from top of photo to lower right.

Note: The DE draws the fibers to surface. These are not good photos. Realized the clear cover was still on microscope. Had to take these from other computer screen





This is 500X magnification of a couple wounds among many that appear for no known reason. They contain foreign material that appears to be related to Morgellons. The white areas are from a material that tends to draw these fibers to the surface.

Skin Analysis 2 under Microscope - Small.mov

Click on current video on left for view of leg wounds

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_1796.jpeg UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_1797.jpeg UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_1798.jpeg UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_17a3.jpeg UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_1733.jpeg UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_1738.jpeg

Other photos of Morgellons outbreaks

IMG_3051.jpeg UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_179b.jpeg IMG_2563.jpeg

Thank you Julia for sharing these pics!

Donations for Julia’s microscope and test equipment expenses.

Just put “For Julia” in the comment section


Thank you…

vE6dXVVqTSCsdUq3cuTGwQ_thumb_17be.jpeg VucqoV8CT7yz8qD93GaH6w_thumb_17bc.jpeg IMG_3097.jpeg cPu%3+fyQSapszbyG72H3Q_thumb_17b5.jpeg

Items sent to Julia to test for microchips and test the nano-microfiber found in her wounds.

Metal detector

Strong earth magnet

The radio signal detector and hidden camera finder

The electric shocker pen

High-res USB Microscope